SleeStack Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “nice tasting and smoking sativa hybrid. tastes a bit sweet, chem/diesel, and a slight undertone of pine and skunk. as for working for medication for anxiety, depression, or sense of general well-being. slightly relieved some nerve pain, and dulled a bit of back pain also. definitely would recommend for sativa likers or for a good midday smoke. got from naturalrxnm in Albuquerque NM as a preroll for a Pennie with any ...”

  • “Surprisingly potent... Super headie strain that takes me to that place... That being said take it lightly new tokers :) this strain can stone you out, definitely in MY TOP 3. Actually a pretty spacey high at times +still able to function 100% +actually helps to null out boredom from tedious tasks.. +enjoyment of any activity Ive done has increased!.. Arrives right behind my eyes, into my ears and to the back o...”

  • “💚💚💚😍 I just picked up this strain and wow 😎💚💚💚 it was a “creeper” with me as well, it took about 10-15 minutes for me to fully feel these wonderful effects 💚💚💚 it’s helping relieve a shit-ton of stress and anxiety, as well as easing most of my pain from RA, fibromyalgia, nausea, headache and bonus + it’s also helping out with my stuffy nose and asthma (course that’s just me, I’ve tried a couple other stra...”

  • “LOVE this new fave! It's so unique -- it's almost a spiritual experience! Have the oil.. quite interested to know if flower is similar. DEF not for novices, but 'the pros' will most certainly enjoy this strain. Taste is so pleasing, but hard to describe. Easy on throat + lungs, a true sativa and real winner. Try if you get the opportunity-- you won't regret, promise! 🙃”

  • “Was a little bit of a creeper for me. Had the giggles after about 10 or 15 minutes. Heady high with a body relaxation to it, can be pretty strong if you smoke too much. Overall good stuff.”

  • “Super nice sativa, has a burning soap taste sonewhat, but the Slee goes right to your brain and stays there a looooong time. I haven't had any of this in a couple of years, glad to see the strain finally listed!”

  • “Good septivia. Made me want to turn into big eyed green alien worker drone and change my name to Tor. Really though, I was out of Durban and this slid in the spot nicely. Good day blend for getting it done. Especially if you are reptile like alien.”

  • “This has become a new favorite for me, had never herd of this or seen it before I got it. looking forward to getting some concentrate. After blazing a fat joint I was super baked, like slow motion and blissfull calm. Very pleasant. A great Sativa through and through.”