Sonic Screwdriver Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I'm suprised there's not more reviews for this strain. Now I usually don't smoke sativas but I got this strain reviewed to me by the bud tender for Anxiety and depression as I'm going through one of the worse bouts of my life. (A little irritated at that bud tender though, as it caused a lot of positive introspective, it still left my mind buzzing and thinking to fast, and caused some anxiety, should've recommended ...”

  • “BOOM! Holy moly people! Dankest dank ever. Almost too pretty to smoke and hard to keep from smoking all of it at once! This stuff gets you going and is a nice clear uplifting high! There are no negatives to this strand. The come downs are mellow and light. Amazing strain for social time.”

  • “Causes me some nauseia, other than that it is an amazing strain. Very Euphoric.”

  • “Sonic BOOM Screwdriver underrated strain.Burton Farm grown in Oregon.Budz were pungent, musky, citrus, orange peels smell with tightly compact budz.Taste of a earthy orange Julius drink.Effect feeling of a headband around your head with clearness.You can feel a body buzz effect similar to NL.Great for sitting in your back yard and watching Blue Jays and Squirrels. Perfect strain for migraines or day time cleaning ho...”

  • “I meditated for a good uninterrupted hour, great for stress relief”

  • “This strains information on its genetic heritage is incorrect, it's mated with TIMEWRECK not "trainwreck" and then orange cream soda, idk who writes these descriptions but these ones that have timewreck or is suppose to is ALWAYS replaced with trainwreck as a error of mis understanding I guess.”

  • “I like the sonic screwdriver. it's a happy high with kind of a musty / earthy smell and taste.”