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Sonoma Coma Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I got this on my 1st trip to CannaCulture and had to try it since I've never seen it in SF and it won awards. The flower itself is very dense and looks good. Green with lots of light crystals and orange hairs. The smell is subtlety sour. Not as sour as others like Lamb's Bread, but still very good to the nose to the point you can't wait to try it out like McD's fries. When I smoked it, it was a very good Sativa he...”

  • “Very laid back high, extremely tired coming down.”

  • “I love the creative energy that I’ve been feeling and the spurts of actually doing something. I am very hungry though lol. But also I’m making art in my room and I’m thinking a bit more complexly.”

  • “Very strong sativa dominant hybrid. Very heavy sativa feeling. Lots of laughter, euphoria. Yet indica heaviness delayed sensation. Not super functional but a strain for when you can let go and fuck around. Super dank, won LA cannabis cup. Only need a few puffs and your done on this one.”

  • “Great tasting Fruity Bud! Glad I got to experience this rare Sativa, but after smoking it, I really think it would lean towards more of a indica maybe I had a different phenotype. But it's definitely on my top list! Made me sleepy more then anything 😜”

  • “I use this one in the CO2 vapor and it's amazing for sleep. or watching a movie. you'll be good the rest of the night. recommend trying it.”

  • “instant taste very potent I'm glad I found this gem, it seems like more of a indica very heavy head high”

  • “Picked up an eighth of this from the local dispensary, and i honestly had never heard of Sonoma Coma before in my life, but the budtender said it was pretty good, so i decided to give it a shot. Now this coming off the bottom shelf for $8/gram, i wasnt expecting very much. The nugs were nice and fat and they had nice color. i packed myself a bowl and hit it for the first time, and it far exceeded my expectations!! Fe...”