Sour Flower Reviews

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Below Average
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  • hi2

    “Energy, focus , euphoria. Body feels extremely floaty and light. That great feeling behind the eyes. Tingly body . Perfect to indulge in late morning/ early afternoon. You'll feel super efficient, organized.....and very very high. This strain has made it to my top 5.”

  • “This strain makes everything positively *scrumptious*. Food, art, the feel of the breeze on one's skin all become beautiful, erotic, singularly glorious. This strain is for indulging your senses with. Bon appétit!”

  • “Smoking on this as I'm writing and I like it quite a lot. nice change of pace from Sour D. relaxed but not tired 😎”

  • hi2

    “Describes it completely:”

  • “Midgrade that acts like a top shelf; honestly surprised its cheaper than other strains. Very smooth and rips hard. The effects are much more focused and energetic than your average sativa. Distracted me from hunger, not sure if that's just me though. I want more of this stuff.”

  • “First timer with this strain and it has become one of my favorite 24hr smokes. It has one of the skunkiest aromas I've smelled lately, and it smoked with a piney aftertaste. The effects kick in rather quickly and crescendo smooth and continuously to a very crafty high that can be used for pain relief and sofa relaxation or a round of spring cleaning or afternoon hike. Very mellow, non-anxious high.”

  • “Sour flour has these amazingly dense crystallized nugs that sparkle beautifully in the light and grind into a fine powder with ease. Nice light frosty green and wonderful aroma that has notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and spice. Best of all it has that classic sativa high that leaves you clear headed and energized. It is tops for me as a wake and bake strain and it helps my attention deficited self stay functional a...”

  • “Sour Flower lifted my pain from stress and relaxed my stomach as it filled me with energy. Yummy sweet taste inhaling and pungent slinky exhale. Find Sour Flower, ingest Sour Flower, feel Sour Flower, become Sour Flower!!!!!”