Sour Maui Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is such a nice sativa. Made for a very productive day, it's a strain that will make you want to be out in the sun. The taste of sour tropical candy will fill your mouth with every exhale. The buds are very dense and heavily trichomed, honestly they're pleasing in every way possible. Definitely worth picking up.”

  • “LOVE IT!!!!!! sour maui is one strain that taste amazing if vape. The uplifted energy is so nice and intense. Great for morning wake and bake, even if your tired and had a long night or as I did smoke to much indica the night prior sour maui will sure wake you up! giving me the urge to be more talkative and happy awesome strain. I see there's no many reviews so hopefully people will try this great strain I highly rec...”

  • “Definitely the best weed I have smoked. Tasted wonderful, and didn't burn your throat or lungs, very smooth hit. Very cerebral, made me feel like the happiest man alive.”

  • “I love it. I vaped it. Very citrusy. Felt a very nice head high. Was on a road trip and enjoyed scenery and music while vaping.”

  • “Wow... All I can say is wow. This strain is very exciting. The sour Maui is a very dense plant. It took a solid 5 min before you can feel a huge wave go over your body. Its very powerful, but the great thing is it's not as though any person can't handle the plant. Sour Maui definitely works with whatever level of smoking you do. It's perfectly smooth and very long lasting. I would say I maintained a peak level for a ...”

  • “More diesel than anything, but still a really awesome strain.”

  • “One of my favorite Sativas; Sour Maui has a quick clean come-up and a breezy head high with a delicate lifted body. This is a thinker, a checklister, a spring cleaner; enjoy this high with a lightly-clouded 22C and a salty breeze on a 50cc motorbike. Four stars because the odor and flavor leave a lot to be desired. I'd like to see the light-high qualities pushed a bit richer and then hybridize with something super w...”

  • “Don't really care for the taste, burns the back of my throat, definitely makes you cough. Really upbeat, relaxed high.”