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South Indian Sativa Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “there r many awesome weed strain found in south India like idduki gold found in kerela ,Mysore mango in Mysore Karnataka”

  • “S.IN.S. has a trichome and terpene rich palette. The bud structure is thick, chunky, The smell is a tad of spice with an earthy overall fragrance. The taste is also spice and earth (more earth). The mental effects are energetic, euphoric, PTSD, smooth, focused, without fatigue, and without the heavy head feel with very small effects of paranoia. The physical effects are lite, energetic, lack of fatigue, help with spa...”

  • “This is some pretty trippy indi kush. I smoked it and it makes everything really surreal. You get happy and really uplifted to space. Makes your body feel cool too.”

  • “This strain AKA mysore mango is one of the best indigenous strain in the south of India. The peak season is in december and that’s when the supply is the best.”

  • “Such a nice high it has. The taste is fruity and the smell is citric . Euphoric/ relaxed / with sudden energy bursts. Heavy munchies attack followed.”

  • “Uplifting high followed by energetic rush. I took a hit and went for my football match. Didn't tire me unlike other strains. It has a strong mango aroma and a pungent, skunky taste. It's hits you hard!”

  • “Happy,energetic, euphoric,stress reliever,best taste in India .”

  • “Euphoric and Happy”