Space Jill Reviews

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  • “I decided to test this strain out on stress-induced migraines. My back was already hurting from doing some yardwork during the day (and I knew it works on pain), so I decided that the next time I started having a migraine, I would smoke some. Well, today was the day to test it. One of My acquaintances refused to be civil in a conversation, which raised My stress level to the point of causing a migraine. I went out...”

  • “This is the perfect strain to make Seattle winter days productive! A couple hits gives my ambition, creativity and libedo a jump-start :)”

  • “Took a couple hits of this a couple hours before bed to kill a migraine that was starting up. Within a couple minutes, the migraine was gone, as was my back pain. Unfortunately, I had a heavy weight start resting on My chest around the same time as My headache disappearing. About 10 minutes later, anxiety and paranoia set in once I received some news from someone close to Me. Not sure if this is an isolated inc...”

  • “Space Jill has become a favorite strain simply for its uplifting effects. There is no trace of sleepy couch lock with this one. It comes on slow and turns into an energetic and talkative high that I've found in few other strains. Maybe not for everyone but this sativa does wonders for my ADD and productivity.”

  • “My favorite kind of sativa high -- high energy, euphoria, clear mind, long lasting. Great strain!”

  • “Good lunchtime/mid-day strain. It kept me pretty focused and clear-headed for the short time the high lasted. It did knock down some of the pain in my back and left leg, and did help take out some of the headache pressure that had been plaguing me for so long, yet it didn't leave me feeling completely loopy.”

  • “Smoke two hits of this and you'll be eating everything in the house while watching Star Trek. Smoke a whole bowl of this, even amongst a couple friends, and you'll turn super productive and creative. Both second and third times smoking a whole bowl, myself and housemates started cooking/cleaning/organizing, and that's something we NEVER do willingly.”

  • “great for getting going. nice mood elevator”