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Space Needle Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great bud. The best shit I have ever fucking smoked. Go get yourself some Space Needle. Like seriously fucking now. The best shit ever. Go go go go go go go go go stop reading this get off the computer go what are you doing I said go what teh hell man get out of here FUCKING GO NOW OKAY THANKS BYE great bud though seriuosly omg”

  • “Took a couple of hits of this from my dugout. Nice campfire-esque notes. Quick head high with a slower but nice head relaxation/head massage feel. This strain definitely amplifies sensory input. Sounds particularly are amplified and separated out, for example I am acutely aware of the sound my thumb is making while typing. I could see a bowl of this yielding quite an intense "Amazing technicolor dreamcoat" experi...”

  • “The phenotype I got of this strain flowers a lot like chemdawg, GSC, and Durban poison. hardly any triches on it for nearly the whole cycle. BUT, the last two weeks it exploded with trichomes and smells of lemony pine-sol. I used to use Permafrost for anxiety, but this strain will be the one. Had no paranoia. I felt a really nice indica body melt, with a clear head and motivation to work. The mass hair production pro...”

  • “Great bud! 4 hits off a J will mess you up! Happy Smoking”

  • “ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS strain 💚💚💚😍😍😍 OMMFG WHY is this icon of Seattle NOT available in my hometown let alone the rest of WA😱😘THAT is just fucking WRONG😭😍🤣bcuz it’s sooooo great 👍 😎aside from my whining about the “dry of Space Needle strain city (&state) it’s named after”(🤣🤣🤣🤣😬🤣🤣🤣🤣) THIS strain is worthy of the Sativa leaning GNW👍well a lot of us✅✅✅ I’ve recently been through Portland, OR (4/20/18...”

  • “Packaged as: "Space Needle - Bottom of the Jar Bud". Produced by: Sea of Green Farms THC: 10.8%; CBD: Trace Purchased at: The Freedom Market, Kelso Date: 07/10/14 Price: $16/g (2g = $32.00 + $10.53 tax = $42.53 total price) This was packaged as shake, not bud, which seemed fine since it was going into a dugout for a one-hitter bat anyway. Overall, I would say this was okay, but not great. Glad it wasn't too expen...”

  • “It was OK. Not nearly the euphoric high I was looking for. But it may just be me. None of the strains I have used lately have given me more than a mild buzz, or put me to sleep.”

  • “It was one of the few strains left in the store.........for a reason I think. Low power, but made me jittery. Not my favorite. Perhaps in an edible it might be best used. Meh...”