Stardawg Guava Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I got a few ounces of this stuff and holy hell! Let me just say it will stink up your whole house in a matter of seconds. It was like the traditional Chem aroma with a whole new level of pungency added. The buds themselves were tight, dense, and dusted in amber trichomes like someone had left them on a shelf and forgotten about them. The buds also had these really dark spots almost black that I've seen with chem b...”

  • “I tried Stardawg Guava several months ago and it's nice to see this strain on here now. This strain is a hybrid that definitely leans more sativa. Stardawg Guava has a diesel and earth like aroma. While the flavor is similar to the aroma, there is a gentle grassiness under all of it. I found her to to give me a mellow head high and became relaxed and sleepy when she started wearing out. Overall, a very good strain.”

  • “Lifts me way up at first and sets me down gently at focused. It is soooooo potent you save green in your pipe and in your pocket because it doesn't take much to do the job well! I usually stick to sativas but I ventured out with this hybrid. I must say it did not disappoint.”

  • “Crazy cerebral feeling, awesome smell too!”

  • “This is a good strain for commercial growers looking for a high yield. I feel a head high, euphoria, and hunger. This strain would be good for something active like hiking as well as something like relaxing inside like watching Netflix. I can smell pine and fruit in the jar of buds. Trying this with a bong and hemp wick, I tasted chemical, tropical fruit, and a hint of diesel flavors. Overall, I would give this strai...”

  • “This strain is the best sativa strain iv ever had, intense focus and really uplifting, definitely my favorite.”

  • “Beautiful smell, smokes just like the description. Happily hits you right between the eyes.”

  • “Love this strain. Great for focus.”