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Strawberry Amnesia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Strawberry Amnesia Look: My buddy only had a 8th of this for me, alot of small nugs, classic sativa nugs, not really dense but clusters of white and amber trichs cover it. Green and yellow are the dominant colors with red hairs. Smell/Taste: The stuff i got wreeked of sour pungent strawberrys and hazey catpiss. The taste was a sweet pungent chemical strawberry taste, so unique and delicious. Effects: A rush of sativ...”

  • “The Strawberry Amnesia is one of the best strain i have ever smoked. Not only does she perform amazingly in the garden. She taste like a piece of heaven when used for cooking, Very sweet sugary smell.. This Sativa dominant hybrid is suitable for a nighttime smoke.”

  • “Strawberry Amnesia is easily one of the more flavorful and vibrant smelling varieties around. She is fairly stoney for a sativa, taking after the strawberry cough in many ways, but still lending a good dose of euphoria and elevated energy. The initial kick is very like a hazey tropical sativa, almost leaving one blissfuly clueless to what is happening around them. These effects quickly evolve into a classic stoney gi...”

  • “This strain is okay , some of the other reviews really got my hopes up. Definitely experienced an euphoric feeling and uplifted state of mind, creativity wasn’t to far off either. Overall high: 6/10”

  • “Definite sativa. Kind head high, which makes everyday tasks easier. It'll help you do all of that laundry. Not much of a body high. It's missing that component that helps ease the physical symptoms of anxiety.”

  • “It's a lovely taste and smell, the buds are covered in thc and the amount it grinds up too is amazing!! It smells how you'd imagine! All I've been smoking this past few weeks!! Reccommend”

  • “Lovely lightly musky/spicy dried strawberry taste. Jumps right on ya when it hits, feels like its massaging my brain into forgetfulness. Not too race-y like hazes are at times for a sativa, so no anxiety with this one. If you're a noobie take it easy at first, high tolerance people will be very satisfied from small amount. Definitely made my tummy unclench and toes/face tingle. Sleepy when you finally come down and ...”

  • “Nice Sativa ! More Strawberry cooming trough than the Amnesia in Flavours but the High is awesome !”