Strawberry Ice Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Absolutely amazing stran! Great energy, euphoria, concentration, ect.. Zero Ill effects. Great for stress, ptsd, depression, ect.. very lifting.”

  • “After smoking 2 bowls of Strawberry Ice on New Year's Day, I realized that I had just spent 10 minutes alphabetizing and organizing my extensive spice cabinet into neat little Nazi rows. I like getting organized for the new year, but this was not the high I was looking for. I smoked a bowl of OG Chem to tamp down the intense focus of Strawberry Ice, and it worked like a charm. I was still focused and smart, but the O...”

  • “I picked up a gram of this by Tropic Grow, on my quest to try out more sativas. The buds were a lovely shade of sage green, with a decent coating of milky resin. After being cracked open, they were filled with an impressive amount of orange hairs. Harvested 6/1/16, this was purchased and consumed on 12/16/16. The buds had a floral, berry scent that deepened and became musky when ground. The flavor was sweet in the m...”

  • “Got this from my LP Maricann came nice and sticky the cure was nice and the smoke was smooth the taste wow it really taste like berries the THC was 20% CBD 0.39% a nice sativa for the day with out the couch log :)”

  • “Sweet with a minty aftertaste, Strawberry Ice makes me cough without being harsh on the throat (reminiscent of Strawberry Cough) and has a flavor resembling strawberries. I got small popcorn nugs that are dense, light green, and absolutely COVERED in orange hairs. The kief/leaf flakes at the bottom of my jar was predominantly orange. Strawberry Ice leaves me happy and focused, ready to walk the dogs, get some housewo...”

  • “Phenomenal sativa strain . Lots of focus and a nice energy boost. Probably one of the most tasty and plain lovely flowers I've seen. highly recommend it.”

  • “great high, good energy, looks amazing,amazing tast, somthing i would smoke on if i was to work all day or was at home cleaning nice motivation.. try it and see its energy”

  • “I was drawn to the look,it's a lighter green with lots of long gold hairs. it's a great sativa,focused,euphoric and creative high. very nice taste, definitely taste the berry flavor and was delighted and suprised by the a sweet fennel after taste. definitely would recommend!”