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Strawberry Lemonade Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I put 4 stars because I don't know anything about weed but I tried this today for popping my weed cherry. I smoked wayyy too much. Like, a whole bowl by myself. Felt like my heart was going to explode and I would die. An hour or so later, the more I came down the more enjoyable it was. Did get pretty paranoid though. Was able to reason my way out of overreacting to the paranoia most of the time. I laughed a little o...”

  • “Bruh...stoned. Ok, I got a Pura Earth cartridge of this delicious dank and it satisfied in every way. The buzz gave me straight up fuzzy eyes and the taste...the fucking taste. My exhale was straight up heaven. It did put me to sleep as soon as it wore off...But that ride was worth it. HAM sammich! 9/10 for sure. Not sure how the bud would smoke, but the concentrates Busta, what it is right now.”

  • “Strawberry Lemonade packs a subtle, lemon, rose water flavor that lingers. This strain delivers a mental buzz and creative alertness. The energy is light and invigorating. The pain relieving qualities are impressive for mind and body.”

  • “Bought a couple grams of this from New Amsterdam Naturals in Los Angeles-- awesome co-op, highly recommend their selection of connoisseur buds. This particular strain is bred by Cannabiotix, and it's probably the terpiest flower I've encountered to date. Cracking the jar on this nasty gal is like opening a tub of Strawberry Lemonade Crystal Light, and instantly transported me to the kitchen of my childhood home, wher...”

  • “Very relaxing Sativa, great flavor.”

  • “great strain! great concentrate. gold drop oil cartridge. wonderful effects....energetic and uplifting! keeps me motivated on a Monday morning...better than expected.”

  • “Absolutely the best tasting "clear" concentrate. Honestly tasted like I just ate a bunch of Starburst. Loved the soothing yet energetic buzz, very cerebral. It didn't make me paranoid @ all. As I am primarily a Indica smoker. 5*****”

  • “Worked great for subsiding my anxiety. Had major dry mouth though”