Strawberry Mango Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hands down, best weed I've ever had. It smells sweet, like actual mango, and it'll even leave a sweet smell on your fingers after loading it. It hits really smooth and gives me a relaxing high while also making me very clever with puns 😂 best weed for a day out at the beach!”

  • “So here it very first time smoking yesterday was with this Strawberry Mango Haze.. and I found my self being extremely happy! Al I did was smile and when I caught myself smiling, I smiled even more. If you want to feel happy and for me I didn't have any negative effects with this, I would definitely try this one. I also suffer from PTSD so right now this is HIGH on my list of ones to use again.I have a few ot...”

  • “Beautiful, top shelf strain. It's happy, invigorating, but not racy. Makes me happy to sit and chat, watch TV, or run errands. I wouldn't necessarily go to this strain before physical activity, but otherwise it's absolutely dynamite for wake and bake. Just... happy and alert in a big warm hug. Tastes delicious too. 👍”

  • “Solid dNk weed. Beautiful smoke Typical haze feeling The fruity aroma is amazing Black mirror season 3 episode 1 some of the finest tv episodes I've seen in my life”

  • “Incredibly blissful. Relaxing but not entirely sedating. Best taste of any strain I've ever had when vaped. I have never experienced any anxiety or paranoia on this strain and I can be sensitive. Not sure why this one hasn't blown up yet. Get your hands on it!”

  • “This very unique smelling and tasting bud consistently sits around only 15% THC, but it still packs a pretty good punch. Fruity and piney with a happy, focused head high.”

  • “I've been vaping this from a 500mg Juju joint hash oil pen. Damn it's great! The effects are exactly what I was looking for. I use it at the office. I'll take just one pull from the hash pen and be focused like a Jedi for a couple hours. At first I was nervous "are people going to know I'm high?" As it turns out, nobody will know or care. I think if they found out, they'd probably want some because I'm so da...”

  • “I was hesitant to try his new strain, but it exceeded my expectations. One think i noticed right away and fell in love with, is that the smoke is so beautiful-the shape and viscosity and smell. Both the flower and smoke had very fruity odour. The high was not very different from a typical sativa/haze. Which is pretty awesome :D”