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Strawberry Satori Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Uplifting, social, creative and pleasantly energetic. A nice counterpoint to some of the more racy sativas, and a true connoisseur strain. Lovely fruity bouquet, and a very smooth burn. My go-to daytime workout/hangout meds, kudos to the breeder!”

  • “probably a 4.2 for me, if you're looking for low paranoia, this is probably a 5. Smooth, laid back slightly spaced vibes. Overall pain relief is maybe a 3.5, giggles 4.5, uplifting 4, creative feeling 4.”

  • “Great sweet aroma, with an earthy musk, makes you want to smoke it. overall for my first experience I'd give it a 4.5. Holds on to fun giggly feeling of Strawberry cough, with a little smoother smoke and a more stoney vibe. definitely spacey vibe, feel functional, but distracted. Reduction in back pain, and feelings of stress.”

  • “Great for anxiety in social situations. Increases focus and stops the racing brain.”

  • “Solid Strain! Probably a 5 star strain if you want a little pain relief and or mood elevation. Not very Spacey, easy enough to focus. Very good for overall happiness and some giggles without the paranoia of some strains.”

  • “I'm a lightweight/novice user. hit it a bit too hard the first time; gave me symptoms of uplifted, giggly, creative, open minded; also made me a tiny bit paranoid. felt very aware of my body and had to lie down and have my husband massage me. :-) Second time hit it a bit easier and was still giggly but a bit zoned out.”

  • “Thank you Satori for making my experience amazing! You guys are so helpful and knowledgable. Ill be back with friends!”

  • “Experience: Really strong, intense strain. Social, semi-talkative, chillaxing, inebriating. Usage: Joints can lead to some serious coughing. Bowls are great. Good for anytime of day. Look/Feel: Jungle green with many thick red, fuzzy hairs. Fine crystals. Dense buds Smell: Skunky, mildewy, woody. Taste/Smoke: Clear headed, uplifting high. Mildly sweet, light-medium smoke.”