Sublime Reviews

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  • “I had a gram of Sublime for two months before getting around to trying it. I suppose that was a good thing, however, because it kicked my top favorite right down to sea level. I'd be vaporizing a lot more than usual if I knew about Sublime back when I initially purchased it.. I really like the mainly sativa hybrids -- Golden Goat, Mamasan, NYC Diesel -- and if Sublime fits that category, then it definitely ranks as ...”

  • “I discovered this fine herb while passing through Fort Collins. Sublime has been a savior to my overworked and overstressed head. The pain reliving effects buzz through my head in such a positive way, casting easy going vibrations for a nice hour...but hold the phones people , the best part of this strain my friend is that the high is so manageable . This doesn't take you on a head trip full of Aztec Wisdom and whisp...”

  • BJW

    “Interesting hybrid strain that is all over Colorado in various forms - the smell is pretty unique; I'd describe it as a 'deep' fruit, wine, old sweet grapes and half-rotten bananas. The looks is dark orange hairs with medium-dark green buds ... kind of adds to its jungle-tropical kind of thing. The high is very 50/50 sativa/indica (mind/body) but the most redeeming trait is the happy/uplifted feel of the high while...”

  • “gave me a boost of energy like none I've had on a energy drink or coffee . I couldn't feel the pain from my back and knee i was like a reset button to when i was in my teens it was amazing”

  • “Very potent strain, 100% recommended to everyone”

  • “colorado springs, really pleasant”

  • “very uplifting, euphoric.. highly recommended wake & bake”

  • “Very good smoke...only need 2 tokes!”