Summertime Squeeze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a very deceiving strain, it reminds me of a strong citrus green tea that lures you in with its mild profile and subtle come up but 3 cups in your ears are ringing with a full blown caffeine buzz stronger than a coffee. This strain does the same thing luring you in with its summertime breeze and mild palate, a few joints in and your fully contemplating the notion of multi deminsional beings comically observi...”

  • “IT ve Made me so fucking high”

  • “its boogy wooy man”

  • “This strain has the back of my head really high and the front is clear focused and in love with this summer time squeeze. Buying it for the first time it looked and smelled average. Smoking it its way above average so I am sure I am way deep into this one. It's effortless because it comes on right away. The pleasant flavor is mild and no cough no sore throat. Early morning Ssq is so great that I know any time one ...”

  • “Awesome strain. If you wanna be high and energetic. This is a must try strain. Try hitting it in bong. You'll be out. Definitely a recommended Sativa.”

  • “Idk if it's just me, but I get a green tea vibe from this strain, from smell to taste. But it was pretty good, didn't really do anything for body pains but it made just a regular chill sesh with my team overly hilarious”

  • “ZeroWe mon kg gusher refer”