Sun Ra Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I am one not to write a review but Sun Ra strain is quite lovely. I immediately got a cerebral high after my 1st hit. My eyes were not blood shot .... in fact as I write this review I am still feeling good pretty good.... I am able to function at work... speak properly... even through a few jokes here and there...”

  • “I would personally give this strain 6 stars if I could. Bought this strain from a local dispensary. By far the best strain to do upbeat activities on. I smoked just a little, then went on a walk of downtown Denver. needless to say it's absolutely amazing!”

  • “Had a nice wax from infinite wellness and oh my god it was amazing. hits you hard at first then settled into a nice relaxing euphoric high”

  • “Absolutely beautiful flower covered in Trichomes leaves the taste BUDS pleased 😁 the specific cut I got was extremely potent had me pretty high but a focused kinda high lasted 3 hours than the munchies kicked it full force. But I'm definitely gonna give this medicine a 5 star rating for sure!!!! This post is coming from a veteran Cannabis user!!! Give this strain a try you won't regret it”

  • “I am super excited to try this strain. so far the joint I rolled was superb. it broke up with ease and smells so delicious ill let you know ehat the after effects are”