Sunburn Reviews

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  • “Was caught by surprise with this strain because it creeps up on you and then bang your feeling a really nice morning buzz to start your day. Thumbs up to grower of this nice Sativa and my MM dispensary in NJ.”

  • “Nice strain, very mellow..Bob Marley state of mind..”

  • “Sunburn Sunburn is a 80/20 Sativa (dominant) and consists of Island Sweet Skunk x Rugburn OG Island Sweet Skunk has always been known as an excellent sativa that helps alleviate depression, stress and lack of appetite and it has been a favorite strain of daytime-medicating, but also extremely relaxing Testing Results – THCA – 16.03% CBDA – 0.043% CBGA – 0.700%”

  • “A clear but motivating strain. A rough landing if using all day and stop. When you need that extra kick, get sunburnt.”

  • “This strain is actually really good. Usually when I take sativas, I usually don't feel it to the point where I LEGIT feel truly hyped up to where I can't sleep. I usually can sleep well even if I smoke sativas, but that is not the case for Sunburn. I feel hyped up, I feel awake, I feel ready to go, and I've never felt like that towards other strains, even other Sativas. Also you don't have an extremely higher appetit...”

  • “Mello relaxing feeling. A little heady, and definitely increases appetite. Good for the day, helps with exhaustion and spasms. I smoked it, but am looking forward to making butter with this one.”

  • “Very cerebral and relaxing effects. Made me take a quick nap. Then it melted down into the rest of my body and all I wanted to do was eat. Kinda put me in a stupor. Great for crohn's”

  • “After trying a gammot of strains and never really connecting with one SUNBURN has been the best for me in helping my anxiety and depression without getting me paranoid or giving me the munchies. This is super important because those 2 take me down a horrible spiral. Another great attribute to the SUNBURN for me is I don't get a headache from it or to that total fuzzy brain feeling. Great for work and staying focused ...”