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Super Cat Piss Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Got high and watched Contact. You owe it to yourself to do this.”

  • “Awesome Sativa that had me weak at the knees for 2+ hours. 10/10 will smoke again.”

  • “The smell is like some bathroom cleaner or something close. The taste is the same but with a bit of fruit and spice to it. The effects come on pretty quick and it delivers a great head and some body comfort; however on the downside you don't stay there as long as you would like. I wonder is it just over that quick or do you want it to last longer because it is so good?”

  • “nice high,I smoked two blunts and could barely walk a hour later lol”

  • “Excellent strand...nice taste. ..Great Sativa high....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

  • “Nothing special”

  • “I want to get as high as you guys lmao weed never has me unable to walk and I smoked blunts out of a gravity bong all day lol”

  • “It is a good uplifting high, and I would smoke it with my buddies. The only down side is the smell, it smells like ammonia or bathroom cleaner.”