Supernatural Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Beautiful, purple-tinged bud that even after adequate grinding requires a bit more time in the vape chamber than others to get up to temperature. Emerald Jane's June 2015 batch is quite potent, and I find the high to be fairly murky and opaque. Not unpleasantly so, but I wouldn't want to hit this if I had any plans afterwards.”

  • “I'm currently growing her at watch her grow through harvest curing and smoking”

  • “Potent for Sativa, can make you tired if not productive. Smell is very zesty cheezy like. But excellent smoke!”

  • “Green Crack level sativa. Massively strong sativa head punch to even the most experienced smokers, some of the frostiest, most trichome rich bud I've ever seen. Smokes surprisingly smooth and gives you a long euphoric high that is so strong that you may find it hard to gather your thoughts and speak them to others. It feels like a massage on your brain.”

  • “Instant head high... terrific. Hi-stim, sensorial nirvana. My new Favorite.”

  • “good flavor, excellent pain killer”

  • “Similar to Durban Poison, but with a dreamy head buzz that makes it a good ride.”

  • “Had in the form of Loud Resin by Refine. It's a very pleasant sativa, with happy energy and relaxing body high.”