Swazi Gold Reviews

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  • “The southern african strains contain THC-V tetrahydracannabinoilvarin,this will cure type 2 diabetes,i am the proof,i was diagnosed of type 2 diabetes at age 22,i started using cannabis and at age 24 i had cured my diabetes nobody realized that it was the cannabis that did the cure ,i am now age 53 and i still use cannabis,i also have normal sugar in my tea and i can eat sweets etc with not having to worry about dia...”

  • “The most comon strain in south Africa. being a 100% sativa out door high grade comes at 50ZAR (south African rand) with a initial haze entry with a mild sedative exit high. the peak lasts for 30-45 minute high with a followed slow decline with a enjoyable soft stone. some of the best land race. due to a lack of info and an abundance of u educated people not a lot of people know what true Swazi gold really is. most Sw...”

  • “Cannabis Oil made from Swazi Gold is being used to treat an array of ailments with a lot of success. The main difficulty with making Cannabis Oil from Swazi Gold in South Africa is finding a true Swazi Gold Sativa that has not been cross pollinated or contains contaminates. Because it is a very hardy plant able to grow in rocky terrain and poor soil conditions it is sought after as an easy crop to grow and supply. Cr...”

  • “Im south african and SA stoners would know that this is great vir wanneer ons braai en poes hoog raak!the comedown is sedating which also makes it great for sleep!not mad about the taste tho.i give it a 4/5”

  • “I'm from South Africa and this is quite a common strain available. probably one of the truly stoned types. irratic thinking, trouble keeping conversations going. dry mouth and sometimes a bit more of a muchies high. anxiety and paranoia is a problem for me. it does ease out of the system but main high lasts about 1hr or so. this is the reason I'm experimenting other strains.”

  • “a really great high. although the bud itself isnt that strong (almost like Freezland) it gives you a great high. you feel great. you can still make sence when you talk. much suggested. that is if you can find it.”

  • “hoot your head past the pocket ninjas to save the rhinos... bring mind to ur heart and tell him a poem... your love is embraced by heart and release the butterfly's as you enter the promise land...#swazi gold”

  • “There large amount of strains frow Swaziland area some statn it is Swazi they havn but really just commo. street grade rubbish. If one has reliable supplier and buy directly from growers one do get insane potent herb, it usually part time smokers or people getn from crap suppliers that states Swazi iz no good. Price vary alot so one get what you pay for, cheap = crap!!. b good and know your bud kids.lol.”