Sweet Jane Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Sweet Jane is rather good. Doesn't have these couch locking symptoms. Really vivid head high accompanied by some visuals if you smoke a lot. Does make me really sleepy at the end of the trip, indica like. Also gave me a little headache throughout. Munchies were real. 7/10 not good not bad.”

  • “there is no refrence to the song "Sweet Jane" by The Velvet Underground other than that its worth trying of course”

  • “Inspirational! Thanks to this sweet gal I was gleefully awake till 4 am creating a Minotaur costume.”

  • “A rose is as sweet when you name it after marijuana. I like the sweet jane strain. Flowery fruit is its enjoyable fragrance. Satisfyingly a one hit wonder that is able to give a feeling of dancing on the ceiling. OH BOY That is My GIRL getting me high! I love a good sativa and this is a great sativa. The ladies working at Serra dispensary where I found this strain were just as beautiful as the Sweet Jane flower its...”

  • “This strain sounds beautiful haha, I'll re do comment if I get to try this one day 😊”