Swiss Gold Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It's listed as a sativa, but I find it to be more of an indica feeling. Relaxed almost sleepy feeling, giggles, and deep thoughts. Couch lock sets in. I can see it being good for hanging and watching a movie or relaxing at the beach. I wouldn't say it's a great strain to be using as a functioning all day strain. Good for nerve pain and spasms. Enjoyed in tincture form.”

  • “Very relaxing strain. More energetic than say harlequin but still has a CBD effect.”

  • “After 2 small hits I felt relief in all symptoms of OCD/Depression, brings a eurphoric, clear-headed, stree-free high along with a numbing and light feeling body buzz, pain-free for hours.. Great replacement for xanax or any anti-psychotic medication.”

  • “Left me relaxed and stress free. Took a little bit to hit but once it did very relaxed. I could feel the stress melt away. Hinted at the head high (THC) but was quickly dowsed out by the CBD. Great for those who want CBD and THC all in one.”

  • “2 CBD :: 1 THC ratio was plush! Love the Swiss Gold. Similar to Shiatsu Kush in effects. Lovey, comfy, cozy, loose, ache free.... love it!”

  • “Purchased under the name, Swiss Tsu. THIS IS WEED, DUDE!”

  • “best high CBD I have tried yet. has a little light buzz at first before putting me to sleep for the night.”

  • “Sampled a gram of this a while back and have to say it was exceptional. Great stinky, smelly-smells coming out and going in to incite a wonderful couple of hours. One bowl got my blood flowing good with red eyes and happy thoughts. Better for mornings as opposed to nights because of the possible invigoration caused by that toke.”