Swiss Tsunami Reviews

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  • “Tried this strain today, and I must say, I like it a lot. Very similar to the AC/DC strain, but with better flavor in my opinion. I use high CBD strains in combination with my RSO edibles to combat my severe back and body pains, as well as my PTSD. I've been in less pain, and had less episodes using this combo. It's really turned my life around.”

  • “Absolute best CBD strain I've had so far. Was mid panic attack, and by the end of the bowl I was calm, content, and even able to be a little social.”

  • “Seriously incredible. I was having an awful manic episode today and this calmed me right down. Wonderful”

  • “CBD only. I got some that was 17% CBD. Can't feel anything different when sober other then (for me) no anxiety, no depression, no pain. It's a medicine. First weed that me and my partner went back to by more of because we were going through it until we found a reliable place to get tincture from hemp oil cbd. If mixed into a THC strain can cause headache and dizziness. It changes the high you have with your daily a ...”

  • “Swiss Tsunami is interestingly amazing. I used a strain w/ <1% THC and 9% CBD. I am and India hybrid type of person and I loved this strain.... It is definitely different. VERY little head high but the body high is there. I will admit, when I first ripped it out of a bong, it almost felt "bunk". However, after 10 min, it was life changing. It is a strain that is definitely specific to your mood. But if your local d...”

  • “I was looking for a high CBD Sativa and couldn't find ACDC, so I tried this one. The budtender told me he thought it would help my inflammation. I have tried an 8th for the past two weeks and it didn't really help the inflammation much. But it did settle my back pain nicely. Because it is so low in THC, there is virtually no head high at all. Though this does relax the body, it is also mild enough you can keep moving...”

  • “Very relaxing yet focusing at the same time. Helped with my anxiety and add.depression was leveled off.good strain for sure”

  • “Gets rid of my pain and leaves a smile on my face. Perfect after work unwind.”