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Tangerine Man Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Update: A Potent Sativa like head high w/ likely paranoia. AROMA is VERY COMPLEX !!! Grapefruit, Mint, Body Odor, Cold Wind/Blue Ice, Lemon, Citrus. Not recommend to those who aren't expecting it's caffeine effect. (Let me suggest Blueberry Dream for a lot of us). BUDS are dark green and rusty with light green airbrushing and evil looking Velcro looking trichomes. Physically their structure is very beautiful. P...”

  • “It's kind of like eating a room temperature clementine orange on the exhale. Effects kick in quickly and lasts an unusually long time. My dose intervals lengthened dramatically. Smoke too much and find yourself dozing. Headed bobbing lol. Enjoy!”

  • “Okay, you caught me, I got all lured in by the dream that Snoop hand picked my weed. LOL! At least I got a pretty box out of it. Okay on to the review of the strain. For this seasoned smoker, it's a no go. Beautiful citrus smell. But lacking on the crystals. I might try some others in the Leafs by Snoop line if they make it up this way to WA, I was able to purchase at a LivWell in CO.”

  • “Very potent strain with a sweet taste and tangerine smell good color smoke is thick and dense just like the buds great up high making you want to get out and do things recommended for daytime use great for house or hard work”

  • “The name reminds me of growing up in SoCal. It's like the Corn Man but the ones who sell oranges by the freeway. Fun fact, smokers in south US call low grade buds Corn, small buds pop corn and Amish say Green Corn. High grade they call "Loud" referring to the smell. I love the name, props to the Dog Father, I would love to blaze it up with you all and show you some of my high grades. MySativaArmy is my instagram and...”

  • “Tried this strain alongside another hybrid with a much lower THC% (higher in CBD). This work well blended alongside another strain in vaporizer. The scent was incredible when grinding- could completely smell the orange and citrus notes. First hit, I even tasted the citrus. TM totally balanced out the couch lock from the other strain- made for a great high, productive, giggly, fun. I'm a newbie so I wouldn't recommend...”

  • “I have been smoking this for 3 days straight, and I'm in love! Amazing high that gives me the giggles stronger than any strain I've smoked. Plus a great taste lol. If I could give 6 stars I would”

  • “V.I.P of all things citrus.”