Tangerine Sunrise Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great strain strong euphoria all day smoke super citrus taste on exhale”

  • “Fantastically strong citrus smell. Moderately dense buds with dark red tri chrome hairs. Smooth high with euphoric sensations of positivity and a sweet synergistic romance of harmony ringing threw your body. Spacey awesome and positively a new favorite. Try it once for any reason!”

  • “3 of my closest buds and I had a sesh in my livingroom one night with this. really relaxing, but not super sedative. we all sat around all night. but at one point, we sat in silence for a few minutes. someone giggled a bit and the result was all of us laughing, for no reason, non stop for about 10 minutes. whether you like indica or you prefer sativa, this strain gives you the best of both. I've heard there's a lot o...”

  • “I am predominantly an indica smoker. But this strain is top notch a nice smooth smoke that hits nice. it has a really nice head that becomes more relaxing after a while. Very nice flower”

  • “Great smooth strain, definitely a winner, easily a favourite for daytime.”