Tangie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It's a creeper! Took 10+ minutes before full effects became really noticeable. Extremely clear-headed and capable. The sativa raciness in your chest feels like juicy fruit (not the gum lol). It's got a fizzy tingle; like seltzer water carbonation. Entire body's noticeably relaxed and totally at ease. Strong, feel good medicative powers there. Very cool, zen-like head space. Starting to feel motivated and creative....”

  • “Hooked on this strain! Always grab it when they have it at the rec near my house. The last couple of times I've picked up pre-rolled from GoldLeaf and they are super! Tangie is a rare sativa that does not give me anxiety and I'm really sensitive to that. Taste, smoke, and smell are all fantastic..Good stuff.”

  • “This is the best! I can move, I think clearly, I am not munching. Totally pain free, stress free, no panic attacks, no scary thoughts, SUPPER HAPPY, loving life.”

  • “I smelled this strain and I jizzed in my pants”

  • “Well shit...where the hell do i begin? This strain is absolutely fucking magnificent. End. Of. Story. The second you open your little bottle the room that you're in is instantly filled with beautiful aromas of tangerine. Never have I smoked a strain with such a prominent aroma both in smell and flavor. The effects took about 5-10 minutes to kick in and when they did I was instantly full of energy, my mind star...”

  • “✨🤤😍Oh my!!!🔥🌚 This is precisely the sort of high I desire. It takes a few minutes to hit you but when it does it brings subtle energy-- no anxiety like I can feel sometimes when I'm feeling (possibly) too high for a minute-- I did some unexpected cleaning while staying (pretty much) focused on school assignments requiring my attention. I smoked two full bowls and feel like I just fell in love with a strain. It's ...”

  • “Amazing! Smooth smoke, tasty fruity hints, comes on strong but levels out to a focused relaxed high, energetic tones, creative tones, but mostly stress and anxiety seem to melt away on this one, leaving you happy and content. Great for new smokers or vets. I smoked this with someone that rarely smokes and they never experianced such a non-paronia from the high. I Highly recommend trying this one! Rare indeed. - BAM”

  • “Tangie is hard to disagree with. From the incredible smell to the tightly packed calyxes coated with a light layer of trichomes this is a pleasing plant to many of the senses. The high isn't like Green Crack or racy and even though I suffer from anxiety constantly this is a sativa strain that doesn't provoke it and actually does a solid job of suppressing or at least making me forget about it for a bit. This particul...”