Tangilope Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Oh... My.... LANTA!!! Ok... want something to erase your foul mood? Turn that frown upside down? Tan-GEEEEEE-lope, YO. Ok. Have you ever had one of those days where you couldn't hate your ex-husband AND ex-boyfriend MORE? You have reached the limit... you are FULL of hate. Nothing could get you to smile. EXCEPT!!! YES. Tan-GEEEEEE-lope, YO. Tonight before I lay me down to sleep, I will fold my hands as I close my...”

  • “This is the best strain I've tried in the last 6 months. Perfect for feeling awake and focused. Strong buzz but not lethargic or disconnected from people around you. Happy and relaxed. As the long lasting buzz waned it still felt great. No drop off, anxiety or lethargy. Really good for feeling positive and motivated and social. And that strong odor of tangerines, it really stuck to my fingertips and was so sweet...”

  • “I would smoke Tangalope even if it didn't get you high, its smell will fill a room in seconds with Fruity waves of papaya and citrus and the flavor...oh the taste is amazing like smoking pinapple blunt wraps. The high is fun but nothing too special, you feel good and motivated. If you'd like, you can smoke enough of this stuff to start feeling something worth noting but all in all. 4/5”

  • “🍊🎆 Tangilope is hands down the tastiest strain ever. It has so much citrus going on you gotta wonder if they mixed tangerine zest with it. What a wonderful terpene composition. It is such a enjoyable smoke, even the bottom of a joint will still taste good. The high is mild and energetic. Perfect for social settings. It put me in a very good mood and I felt weightless. I recommend trying this strain anytime and if a...”

  • “a.k.a. "NotAsGoodAs Chocolope". Still good by any measure. A Positive and uplifting strain, but it seems like the Tangie in it just makes it a more clear , and less fun than Chocolope. So if you don't like the Chocolope haziness, this may be for you.”

  • “After a very significant tolerance break, this strain does indeed induce visual hallucinations. I can't speak to whether the effect is the same from vaping and bud but the Platinum Vape vape cartridges are truly psychedelic. Similar to visual patterns seen on high doses of Salvia Divinorum. There are no other characteristics, though, of the Salvia experience. The state is very grounding and helps you settle into the ...”

  • “Very nice and smooth, long lasting energetic high!!!! Heavy yielder, with the most amazing end ever changing array of smells'. First oarngeish, to mangoish, to an super strong sweet mango-mandarin diesel aroma, and maintains it as it's curing. In doors and out this strain seems to take a bit longer then some 70-90 days... PAy close attention to trich's; this strain can fool the eye, so pay attention to the Trichomes ...”

  • “Tangilope. I tasted this strain from Total Accountability dispensary in Benson, AZ. Available in flower and pre-rolls when tasted. Sinsemilla. Lovely mature well-cured flower. Lots of reddish pistils in medium density nuggets. Opaque resin glands bordering on amber add to the reddish tones. Medium leaf trim. Nugget size, 1" to 1.5+". Flower has a sweet citrus aroma. It has a more tangerine aftertaste after the draw. ...”