Tesla Tower Reviews

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  • “Cant speak for everyone but for me its definitely one of the most potent energizing strains i have tried. Taking a small amount of it can definitely put you in the right mood but i usually like to smoke a lot with friends so large amounts can feel pretty intense sometimes . I personally like this strain a lot 👌 Fair warning that it might make some people super uncomfortable. I had a friend try it and he isnt much o...”

  • “I expected longer lasting cerebral effects, but Tesla Tower sits pretty lower on the THC Tower at 1-3 %. Which may make the 70/30 sativa/indica profile rating misleading to inexperienced consumers. Moreover, with an 11-18% CBD level it's not a wonder why this strain also goes by the pseudonym, "Tesla O.G." After medicating, I experienced mild cerebral effects that imparted a short-lived boost of energy, followed by a...”

  • “Better than gsc”