The Blood Reviews

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  • “Mahalo nui Loa @Leafly for the wonderful reviews! The Blood is a very special lady here in Hawai'i and she can now be found on the mainland as well!! For any Leafly members looking to sample da supa 'ono Kona Gold Hawaiian bloodline cut Pua Mana 'Ohana hooked The Green Element (home of Monster OG) in Los Angeles up with a sweet cut, Kind Peoples collective in Santa Cruz has the Hawaiian bloodline phenotype in their...”

  • “An excellent morning strain, The Blood has a distinctive tropical, almost spicy aroma. An energetic, uplifted feeling is accompanied by a refreshing cerebral clarity. Highly recommended.”

  • “I would jump through hoops of fire to attain this Legendary brand.”

  • “A legendary phenotype that surfaces "once in a million" when testing Hawaiian seeds. The Blood as it was called in the 70's by local growers in Hawai'i displays a red "bloodline" up the stem and leaf veins and bleeds a red sticky sap like excretion ergo the name "The Blood". While many searching for this phenotype mistakenly believe it is a individual strain, according to local Hawaiian growers finding the blood is...”

  • “Mahalo Nui Loa:)”

  • “Brilliant”

  • “Please, Pua Mana needs to get their products to Las Vegas! As a transplanted Big Islander, I keep seeing these awesome strains on leafly and my mouth starts to water!”