The Cough Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The Cough, or in this case Fort Collins Cough, is an excellent daytime strain for a relaxed and slightly euphoric buzz. Smoked a joint and went for an hour long walk of joy, lessened pain without the stoney effects of an indica.”

  • “Used to grow this strain years ago in Portland after it was brought up from Colorado. What an amazing strain. It's hazey flavor would stay in your mouth for a few solid minutes after a hit. If you like haze and sativas then this is one of the best. Growing it was a dream other then the fact it needed 70'day s at the minimum but the flavor and yields were worth it in the end. To bad it's not around as much like t...”

  • “The Cough definitely lives up to its name (a true lung buster). Over all very good medication. I took 1 rip off my bong ( choaked my ass off) and got an instant head change. Two hits later all stress faded away and my chronic neck pain was gone... Wow, im imperssed, and that don't happen very often”

  • “One of the best smelling strains I've come across. Sexual enhancer. A new favorite.”

  • “Very nice looking buds and a very strong high”

  • “This Strain definitely lives up to its name. I would recommend it to anybody though, one rip off my bong and after I got coughing my ass off I was pretty high, three hits later all my pain, stress, and anxiety drifted away, i can honestly say i got stoned, definitely will buy this again”

  • “Had the concentrate and it gave me an immediate buzz that was solid giving me a great balance of euphoria and focus.”

  • “very surprising”