Thunderbird Rose Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I picked this up at terpene station on Powell. Very happy uplifting sativa with some calming effects. No anxiety or paranoia accompanied With this journey. My head feels warm and tingly. Appearance is ok. Smell is of Hints of rose an ganja. Very good to start off Christmas Day. My bluenose pit was also happy with the cloud he received as he went to his dog bowl and looks as if he is smiling.”

  • “It has a sweet pungent taste, with a lemon aftertaste. Very enjoyable smoke. Cerebral, Sedating, Functional. It has a steady buzz that could be a daytime thing or night. Functionally stoned sums it up.”

  • “GREAT STRAIN OVERALL! Great taste and a fun/goofy high. My uncle brought it over to my house and we smoked it and it was by far the best high I've ever had.”