Thunderstruck Reviews

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  • “relieved all my pain quick.”

  • “Amazing Bud! Got my plant from Sin City Seeds. Very relaxing and a light euphoric buzz. Great for any time day or night.”

  • “This strain is just sooooo nice. Gives me a relaxed and tingly body high with really mild (almost none) psychoactive effects. I'm able to stay productive at work and feel totally stress the entire time. Really good strain for my anxiety and pain, I smoked a whole bowl and still felt really mild effects, but still such a smooth steady high. It also is really mild in smell, I feel like it doesn't make me reek at all. I...”

  • “Got seeds from Sin City Seed Bank. Nice big buds and very relaxing high. Dark green and tastes like Pine with a slight pepper taste. Helps my back pain A LOT. I'm really glad I found the seeds got this strain; it's even better for pain than the AC/DC Parents and more CBD. This should be in every medical cabinet.”

  • “Thunderstruck is working great with my autoimmune disease.. stops the pain quickly, and lets me able to function clearly. # 1 fan..”

  • “I can't believe there aren't more reviews on this strain. I love the way it gives a tingly body high, quick pain relief (works miracles on headaches). Leaves me in a happy ralexed euforic mood while still being clearheaded. It puts a grin on my face!”