Titan's Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wow. This strain is a perfect example of why I love sativas. The cerebral rush from it is very intense. This one hit me quick and hard. Its been about an hour and I'm still feeling very high. I feel very aware of my surroundings for some reason with this strain. Very happy, upbeat, focused and feeling like I need to be active (wish I didn't need to go to sleep). The amount I have isn't going to last long. Can't wait ...”

  • “Loved this one, kept me up and creative while writing an essay. Gives a really nice electric/tingle feel to the body. It is a definetly active sativa. Tasty a bit spicy, but not too heavy.”

  • “this strains helps lessen the pain from migraines”