Triple Diesel Reviews

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  • “I have a unknown muscle disorder and today this strain helped a lot. My muscle spasms in my legs went away within 20 minutes. The burning pains in my thigh muscles and arms went down dramatically and unlocked my stiff joints. This is also the 1st strain that didn't give me the munchies at all. My mood was good and carefree from previously being dramatically stress. I also became sleepy within the 35 minute period but...”

  • “I suffer with chronic psoriatic arthritis in my hips, SI joints and spine. My pain had been managed by a biological , Humiera but I started getting horrible flare ups. And not being able to feel the soles of my feet. Docs put me on opiates and muscle relaxers and Volterran. The opiates and muscle relaxers kept me from going to work. The Volterran made me pass blood in my stool. A friend convinced me to try cann...”

  • “holy crap dudes....if you have access to this strain...AMAZING!!! the first one in a while that doesn't put me to sleep! laughing all night about random shit with my boyfriend. makes us euphoric and straight happy!! only thing is it makes me instantly forget why and what i say! (which is mostly a good thing ;) 10/10!!!:D”

  • “A combination of probably the 3 best Diesel Strains. Although all Sativas (New York, Sour, Strawberry) is very much like a Indica in it's effects on the body, but still retains the Sativa effects that made Sour D legendary. It is fast acting and packs a punch.”

  • “My absolute least favorite of any strain I've smoked. Literally makes me the sleepiest person in the world. Went to see a movie after smoking it and knocked out right in the theater. It is great for those with insomnia though, it'll get you to sleep quick”

  • “3 hits off my vape and I was feeling great! Feel it in my face and forehead and all over my upper body. Way more powerful than the NYC Diesel I just finished up. If your an inexperienced smoker be cautious as this is some potent stuff.”

  • “Great heady Sativa with amazing diesel smell! However you can't really stay focused and it can make you sleepy if you're not a frequent smoker. Still really like this strain and it was triple boat times !”

  • “Pain relief, much more - ONLY when harvested more than 9 weeks of flower. 63-70 days.. Not really particularly sweet, but more so than the Original East Coast Sour Diesel Cut. (Chemdog x Massachusetts Super Skunk). A joy to grow, smoke, trim (almost), and make concentrates from. (always nicely colored).”