Twista Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I got some live res Twista from TGS, and it is amazing! Taste is perfect blend of citrus with hints of a piney, skunk flavor. one of the best tasting concentrates I've tried”

  • “Wow picked this up from The Green Solution in Denver and I was happily surprised at the amount of pick me up this gave me. Great sativa buzz, very energetic and uplifting, great day time smoke. Could get a little anxious if you don't have something to focus your energy on but other than that an absolute must try for sativas lovers, Very strong, novice smokers should approach with a little caution.”

  • “Just an awesome sativa. Tastes amazing and always makes you feel great. Everytime I see it at the Green Solution I buy it! A++”

  • “This flower is amazing. Never have I felt so upbeat and motivated to do anything whilst on my medicine. Perfect blend of heady and mild body change. Very nice smooth smoke due to the stickiness of my batch. Very much recommend for die hard sativa lovers.”

  • “the smell and taste of this strain is exactly what they say it is, citrus (lemon). fluffy buds light green with orange hairs EVERYWHERE and BLANKETED with crystals”

  • “I went into The Green Solution sort of late at night and to no surprise they were very picked over. I told the budtender that I wanted something similar to a different strain (I don't remember which one exactly) that they had ran out of, which was an indica dominate hybrid. He gave me this sativa strain which made both me and my girlfriend very anxious and even a little moody after smoking it. We wound up finishing t...”

  • “Light taste of citrus, overall enjoyable. Very creative and energetic high. Fun night with the Homies. Highly recommended for a swaggy night.”

  • “Good mood , good vibes. Fairly energetic, relaxed chillin. Better with music-- good for talking”