Twisted Citrus Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is certainly a top shelf strain, that blasted my senses with many citrus aromas with the flavor to back it up. Very energetic, yet very mellow feeling with a gentle comedown. Great for stating your day off right.”

  • “love this bud, I found it to be very energetic, upbeat high, taste amazing. The down side is that it is in short supply.”

  • “Delicious, citrusy, straight up sativa! If hybrids make you fall asleep, and you're looking for a daytime strain to supplement your ADHD medication, I am 100% recommending this strain for you! Clear headed and focused, but can still pack a punch if you feel like getting super baked. Not ideal for sleepy time, but somehow kickass for meditation. Best wake n' bake strain to date!”

  • “My local dispensary provided this for $30 per 10 gram 1/4 so I got an excellent deal on this. i feel like I had to smoke a lot to feel its effects, but it's definitely a decent smoke. if you can find it really cheap, it's worth a try. I found that it always helped me focus and concentrate on my own thoughts so if you're a daytime smoker this is good, but make sure to have another strain to mix it up or else you'll gr...”

  • “Twisted citrus is very fruity. And the batch I recieved was a pleasant smoke. 👍🏻 As I grounded up the buds, the consistency of the flower was perfect and rolled up in a blunt really well! Aroma: A mixture of lemony citrusy orange fruits Inhale: smoke tasted a bit earthy with sweet undertones This strain personally gave me cottonmouth pretty bad every time I smoked it., but not to the point to where I hate this s...”

  • “Too notch, good uplifting high, a little pressure behind the eyes, but I'm super relaxed and my anxiety is "zero"”

  • 4am

    “Delicious smelling sativa. Doesn't get me too stoned, able to function socially in a good mood.”

  • “second time around with this strain and it was just as good as the first.”