Ultimate Trainwreck Reviews

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  • “By far one of my favorite strains. Just make sure you have a couch nearby, because you won't be leaving it for a few hours. Smelled like an Angel's Lady Parts, after they'd been put through 4 Quarters of an NFL game. I wouldn't have it any other way.”

  • “I never been a big fan of trainwreck.... its a popular sativa, really pretty, the last batch i had was reallllly strong smelling, it kind of gave me a headache, like magic markers or something of that nature... Fun wise there are a lotta of better sativas.. But if headaches arent your issue the strong batches of trainwreck makes a great sativa physical med.. It seems to numb pain & definitely will put you to sleep or...”

  • “The first Strain of California Medical Cannabis I ever bought with my Card. Picked it up from my all time favorite Collective LAX Compassionate Care (R.I.P) late one Wednesday night. The door man hassled me for coming in "right at prime time". I picked up 2 strains that night: Ultimate Train Wreck and Super Silver Jack. The Train Wreck was stinky and gooey "much like if a train full of THC crashed into a Train full o...”

  • “Trainwreck has a crazy citrusy smell and taste that is like Fruit Loops crossed with Sour Diesel. Strictly Sativa it's great for hiking and biking, a great plant for when you have to be active and it also helps with muscle discomfort.”

  • “I am a long time daily user and I just picked up a half of this today. First off let me say, beautiful buds and frosty as well. Anyways I loaded one bong bowl of this stuff and was blown by the time it was gone and sometimes it takes me 2-3 bowls to get a good buzz. I immediately got that sativa head buzz and started getting really euphoric and giggly. The peak lasted about an hour or so (but it probably would have l...”

  • “Sweet smell, headband and couch lock. Wonderful. Basically the same as TrainWreck.”

  • “Strong as hell. Before school (8:00 am) I took 6 hits outta a mini Bong (3 of them were greens) and by the time I got to school, damn let me tell you it shot my head up into space and forgot my body. I couldn't see or talk cause it was so strong and the head sensation was just unbelievable. I would recommend this If your trying to forget life and stay glued to your couch. But do not do this shit if your planning to g...”

  • “Amazing!!!! I couldn't stand up for three hours.”