Ultra Sour Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a great strain. Effects are very powerful. Leaves you feeling great. Helped me wanna get up and do something. Didn't leave me too hungry.”

  • “I love the cerebral effects and how it makes you feel joyful and creative. I love how it took my worries and obsessions away from me. I however didn't like the insane munchies and dry mouth it gave me but other than that this is a chill blend. I'd definitely recommend it if your anxious and depressed”

  • “Smoked a bowl of this before heading to a friends house one night, made me feel amazing. Didn't get any tiredness and felt extremely social and talkative. Good stuff :)”

  • “Definitely a good high, I agree with most the other reviews, I got the munchies HARD! Lol Good smell, nice tasting strain.”

  • “My new fav sativa. Packs a punch but leaves you feeling lovely.”

  • “haven't tried it, looking forward....”