Voodoo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My first hit I was high. The one thing I've noticed is that it makes a difference on how you smoke what your smoking. There are some strains that hit harder in the bong and others I'd prefer in my glass blunt. VooDoo hits hard in the bong and lasts a very long time. We had two bowls during the day over a 12 hour period of time and we remained high. It was a great feeling that lasted all day. Thanks to my new peeps ...”

  • “Okay. Coming across quality thai strains are like christmas for me, and this is like that one "big" present hidden behind the tree just when you think you didn't get what you "really" wanted that year. Its that good. Thai (purple, I hear) x AK47. Seriously a kick to the head that has every orifice in your head dripping but in that, "good god, this is what cannabis should be like" sort of way. VERY heavy, very intense...”

  • “I have to say: WOOOW! This is one beautiful strain, or this is one freaking fantastic Voodoo batch. Either way, I can only hope to communicate the distant dispair I feel for everyone who doesn't get to enjoy this little wonder. Exquisitely euphoric, Voodoo packs the loveliest wallop this side of Girl Scout Cookies. Sitting produces a bit of a couch lock for me, but once I'm standing and walking the stimulating sa...”

  • “I had smoked this a few times from a pipe and got a satisfying all-around high, but three hits from a bong gave me the strongest head high I have ever experienced, and I'm a near daily smoker. We used hemp wick to light it and tasted pungent, spicy, and buttery notes. It gave me a full head rush that made me feel like my retinas had laser beams coming out of them, but not in an uncomfortable way.”

  • “The listing here says no Voodoo in the Colorado Springs area. Strawberry Fields carries Voodoo Star, a hybrid that is amazing and wonderful. Always a favorite at our house.”

  • “I must admit the first time I smoked this strain I had it out of a 50z bong, one of the worst experiences of my life, I got overly high and this was when I constantly smoking. it was not a pleasent experience, it was extremely strange and to this day I will not smoke voodoo in anything besides a joint.”

  • “The smell is a strong apricot aroma, and the buds are dense with olive-green bud and red hairs. The smoke is sweet and nutty on the inhale, and spicy (think black pepper) on the exhale. It gets kind of harsh toward the end of the bowl so keep a drink handy. Uplifting, energizing, and empowering describe this strain's effects, and the experience is pleasant as a whole, though I would not recommend to those who are sen...”

  • “Personal favourite, must be the terpenes or something but this strain is ideal for those who would like to control their mental pains.”