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  • “This weed made me better at my accounting homework, it was like I was Einstein, spreading out my notes and scanning them until answers & conceptual framework came into the light via my new way of thinking. Great strain for the money, had me kicking down the new days door & knocking things out academically that i normally wouldn't attempt back-to-back. Don't smoke if your looking for couch lock, because you will end u...”

  • “I personally have to give the Vortex a 10. I have been smoking on a big jar of this herb for almost 2 months now, and am impressed every time I light up. After 20+ yrs. of smoking on a daily basis, I have to put this one in my top 5. Maybe even my top 3. A true room reeker, it tastes everybit as good as it smells. VERY POTENT, and truely has NOOO ceiling. The more I toke the higher I get. What I love most about Vorte...”

  • “Excellent sativa! Very creative high and a great kick starter if you need to stay focused. Definitely recommend for daytime use. If you're an avid sativa lover, definitely give this strain a try if you can. Very heady shit! This vortex will keep the boat times spinning!”

  • “I suggest you turn off the lights and put on some headphones with your favorite beats. Your med-vortex is one strain to make sure hold your breath after your first hit. Another strain living up to its name - vortex.”

  • “This is a wonderful sativa is happy and energetic! I went out for a 5 mile run after smoking a .5g pre-roll, and felt like I was in space. My body just doing what it's supposed to do while my mind provided me such big ideas and happiness that made me forget how much I normally hate running. I can see how the celestial parents allow this to make your mind feel impenetrable and ready to go explore. Excellent energy ...”

  • “Excellent strain for fast relief. This is my go to for midday, early evening anxiety and stress management. This strain immediately alleviates stress and puts me in a happy mood. I remain very social and have no paranoia. After it sets in, creativity kicks in.”

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    “Vortex is an award winning strain that is mainly sativa dominant S/I: 80/20. The bud used in this review was purchased at HPRC. A local dispensary serving local humboldt residents with an indoor all-organic alternative medicine. This bud stanks!!! The smell is a huge highlight for this bud. The very dense aroma of a mango/lime/lemonade blend meets you as you prepare to first smell it. The buds are beautifully spr...”

  • “I really dig this strain, based on the other reviews I bought this (legally, thanks Colorado) to help me get chores done and to focus on specific tasks. It worked wonderfully, it was mostly a head-high, leaving my body feeling normal and light enough to move around. I was able to focus on my housecleaning while entertaining myself with my own thoughts. The other effect was the creativity; my mind was going to places ...”