Webster Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Webster is a mellow buzz, far from the description I read. I felt happy, euphoric but not energized. But that may be my disposition. Nice flavor and smokes well in a vaporizer. Beautiful buds from local dispensary. Recommend this to anyone who has aches, pain or inflammation.”

  • “Well with only two reviews of note, it seems this is a brand new strain and somebody's getting it right! I have been looking for a nice daytime sativa with a good dose of CBD along side the 19%THC it checked in at. The CBD content of this was 2.19%. The flower unground has little to no scent profile, but when ground up everything gets released. The cure on this was nice and came out like a wet sand consistency. Now ...”

  • “This is my favorite strain of all time. A weekly eighth of Webster got me through 8 months of employment at a certain fast food restaurant know for its arches.”

  • “i love this sativa. i get an unmistakable "pick me up" from this. cleaning my house is suddenly so fun. i don't have any jitters or anxiety from this one either. i love it.”

  • “I felt a bit more of a body high on this strain but overall I liked it. The suppose to be affects aren't what they really are. Instead of feeling energized, I felt more tired and relaxed.”