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White Nightmare Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Holy fuck! I took 7g of 19.5% trim and put that into one batch of 26 cookies and fucking pictured myself as a god saving sand people from sin (I was at the beach) and then I rained meteors upon them just to show them I was a god. Honestly it was so dank. My friends who had 1/2 a cookie tripped until morning. I had 3 and still have no idea what the actual fuck is going on currently. I would recommend for sure.”

  • “I would of never guessed that this potent strain was derived from Blueberry. I was introduced to this strain by the great folks at Canapa in Tacoma. It has a strong earthy taste with a sweet hint when inhaling. The effects were very euphoric and delightfully mental. I think I smiled the whole time I was medicated. A heavy happy high that relieves pain, and takes your mind off lifes little problems. In addition, any e...”

  • “Ok, call me a fool, but I smoked a bowl of White Nightmare right out of the sack this morning. I consider myself a lab rat, a man who's mission is to inform you, the reader, with an accurate and honest assessment of the pros and cons of whatever cannabis strain I am reporting on. White Nightmare is very cool. I purchased a half ounce, and it smells like Blue Dream, with a little cheesecake after note. The buds are c...”

  • “I'm not sure if I'm writing this review, or if the White Nightmare is the one writing now. It's very cerebral and it makes it fun to do tedious yard work with friends. There's an almost other-wordly feel to this high. Very uplifting and for day time use...or staying up until very late. Come to think of it, this strain would be perfect for night owls. I'm loving it!”

  • “for a Sativa, this strain is easy going and feels more like an Indica. its a nice one to take if you need to concentrate. its a good solid buzz but I was funtional.”

  • “Really nice strain extremely dense frosty buds almost like little green rocks it's so dense definitely for best results use a grinder the thc level is nice too about 23% nice sativa high very uplifting but not overwhelming in the slightest the flavor is very sweet it almost tasted like pineapple to me berry flavor maybe but it's not a "this taste just like fresh berries" while I'm not sure exactly what it tastes like...”

  • “Bud appeal is really on point. Just popcorn nugs of hairy beastly nightmarish nugs. Smell it's very blue dreamy with very piney pungent undertones. The taste through a Pax 2 was like eating all the colors in a skittles bag, seriously. The high comes quick starts with a head high then goes into a full relaxed body. I didn't get energetic just felt europhoric and relaxed.”

  • “This one is a VERY interesting strain to say the least. The budtender recommended it so I gave it a whirl and I'm glad I did. It smells extremely sweet but the taste is actually quite spicy (which I found to be odd.) The high is way different from what I've been getting lately (in a good way.) The high is a really heavy one, bringing you down (it felt almost narcotic) while simultaneously giving you massive amounts o...”