Willie Nelson Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very uplifting. Color: dark green, almost grey-ish. I have severe depression and suicidal ideations, this is a AMAZING bud for depression. No others have worked like this one for me. was very happy and laughing, not long lasting but what an amazing stone. dense buds for a Sativa which is always a +.”

  • “Do NOT give this marijuana to your dog. At least not to small dogs. They will get TOO high. My dog, Mickey Rourke, had two hits of this strain blown in his face, and he proceeded to projectile vomit everywhere. Now he can barely stand. He seems happy, but I fear his existence has become significantly more confusing. I, on the other hand, feel great.”

  • “Willie Nelson is probably my favorite sativa strain. I smoked it right before going hiking with my friend and the euphoric/relaxing/joyous feeling that this strain gave me were just the perfect mix to make that hike one of my most memorable and enjoyable hikes. This strain is both great to smoke alone and to smoke with friends. It leaves you feeling creative and for me, it helped me connect and understand some linge...”

  • “Wow! 3 fat bowls and I am definitely feeling focused yet super high. Now if I can only figure out what to do...hmmm. Focused confusion may be more appropriate. I think I will go out for some biscuits and gravy.”

  • “Also found labeled as Black Willie. This strain provides clear euphoric highs and transcendent consciousness. Often a rolling effect where you get higher and higher. Found creativity enhanced and increased sensory (particularly audial) acuity. Laughing, joyous and very productive times await. Highly recommended.”

  • “I smoked this strain when my local club had it at 24.8% thc and 50$ an 1/8th and this from experience is definately the best Sativa feeling that you just don't seem to get anymore or maybe its just how they grew it. Very dense hard chrystally rocks of bud.Very stoned, happy, even for pro's red glassy eyes and daze off into your own world seems forever. This is a must try if you can ever find it.”

  • “I tried this for the first time in Amsterdam back in 2006 & fell in love with this instantly. Willie Nelson was easily one of the best hybrid strains I smoked during my trip!”

  • “This review is for Willie Nelson Og Kush - classic og smell, thick unassuming medium-large conical shaped nugs, lots of red hairs and smooth calyxes - potency was very impressive. I really liked getting the same effects from 1 toke of flower versus 3 or 4.”