Willy Wonka Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “why just the one star rating if you liked it and called it a keeper? lol, I got myself some WW a few years back and it was quite a treat. Very Euphoric and Heady, with a dark chocolate musky aftertaste with every puff. It stopped my anxiety and panic attacks well and chilled my racing head and I could accomplish the days missions. My favorite feature with this lovely treat is the smell it leaves to linger in your ja...”

  • “I feel like singing oompa loompa and watching midgets run down stairs. sticky red haired bugs that are covered in whiteness. get an led flashlight. it's absolutely beautiful. I think this may be my new favorite sativa. tastes ALMOST as good as PExpress. There's fruit there. light and tropical. very smooth. almost minty or sage aftertaste. Str8 to the head with slight full body stone. nothing an experienced...”

  • “knocked me flat on my ass. good stuff :)”

  • “Okay. Seriously. This strain actually tastes like the aftertaste you get after eating SweetTarts or Rockets. Unbelievable flavour. Plus, the effects were extremely pleasant for being a sativa; no paranoia or anxiety whatsoever. I felt super happy and relaxed. It put me in a fantastic mood. No harsh burnout or anything either. Fantastic genetics! Highly recommended!!”

  • “Smooth , the taste is lovely . i d by more all day !”

  • “I've smoked myriad strains over the last fifteen years, but this is a pretty special one. Very unique upbeat high. Smells and tastes somewhat of chocolate. Has the strange habit of bypassing intensity and affecting positive emotional stimulation. Being chronically depressed since childhood, it's rather nice having a switch that seems to invariably make me happy in the first half hour of the first toke. Wonka is ...”

  • “Dabbed this and is a really nice sativa totally digging it!”

  • “Vaped it. This strain definitely makes you feel energetic and happy. Unlike the hybrids and indica, this sativa seemed to increase my focus making it easier to concentrate during conversations. There wasn't much of a body high and the come down didn't leave me sleepy, but only slightly groggy. I'll update after I've tried it as an edible.”