Y Griega Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This medicine had brought some focus on the non linear world of why's and how's and seeing the relations between stuff-people and the planet. It was extraordinarily potent and distinctively deeper than any other medicine I've used. Body relaxation, but coupled with extreme clear questioning mind? that was psychedelic! Fantastic mood improver and pain killer, highly recommended!”

  • “Great product. Everyone iv introduce it to wants more and more. They love the tast. Flowery, earthy tast. Has a strong citrus smell”

  • “Is has great taste (sweet and fruity) and smell (grape, berries and earthy). Nice head high. For me it's better vaped than smoked because smoking even a small bowl of it gives me a headache.”

  • “I absolutely love this stuff. Puts you in a "I"m just happy" mood. Makes you want to go do stuff. Get out and enjoy nature.”

  • “It's really tasty in a vaporizer not so much smoked. A great day time strain in my opinion. I would get a work out done and all the chores before work, with plenty of energy left, no burn out!”

  • “Now this is what a sativa should be like. This is a mood amplifier for me which I thoroughly enjoy. Sit down with some friends, light a bowl and you'll be feeling quite jovial and clear headed. Great social strain.”

  • “just picked up some of this out in SD, very nice strain. Lots of thc chrystals & tastes amazing”

  • “My favorite strain! When my girlfriend and I want to relieve stress at the end of the day, this is it. Nice taste in smoke and vapor. Happy feeling, perfect for me!”