Zeta Sage Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fast hitting mastetpiece... Perfect example of smart breeding, Sage calms the OG as the OG calms the Sage, instant relaxation, uplifting, creative and almost a clear headed euphoria. best use og the OG genetic I've come across thus far”

  • “I love zeta sage! I actually named our pipe after it... it's a perfect strain to relax with. it can be light and if you smoke enough it can be super heavy. the heavy high comes with some paranoia and makes you feel like time is standing still. the bud smells amazing: lemony but not too sweet. it's a good tasting smoke too. it's the first strain I bought in Denver and I'm sure I'll always keep some on hand”

  • “Absolutely wonderful bud for inspiration and action, I'm not feeling sluggish at all!”

  • “Overall solid stain. With parents of Sage and OG Kush, it is an incredibly strong head high. You almost get the feeling your head is floating off of your body. Very relaxing this stain does seem to cause paranoia even at high rates of consumption. Good outdoors bud.”

  • “This strain has single handedly saved my life. I suffer from a rare neuromuscular disease similar to MS. Life is difficult for me. My body constantly hurts and I run out of energy quickly. Zeta is amazing. It gives my body a nice relaxed high which keeps it from hurting and me being constantly in pain. This helps me not to be so tired out. And it gives be focus and stamina throughout the day. I've been able to stop m...”

  • “Always love a pungent batch zeta sage. Good daytime smoke but also helps me relax and sleep at bed time.”

  • “I like this sativa a lot keeps you up in the morning and positive, tingly in the head as well with a warm body”

  • “Been feeling very nauseous lately and smoked some Zeta Sage and immediately my nausea went a way. Great strain, very good for smoking through out the day and still being able to function.”