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3X Crazy review

Avatar for sigvart

Not what I expected (in a good sense). I'm a senior getting back into this after 40 years of Mormon life. I have a Pax 1 pocket vape unit, and looks like a cell phone from 20 feet away. This is my first Indica after testing a dozen different Sativas over the last 6 months. I got this at a dispensary in Bend Oregon, called Oregrown. I asked the budtender for his recommendation for a good migraine relief strain. Without even saying anything, his eyes twinkled and he reached under the counter and pulled out a 1.75 gram, nicely-labeled jar of "Indo Optimus Prime, 21.5% THC". A few weeks later, having not experienced a migraine for testing, decided what the heck, why not test it out. It was a day, I had absolutely nothing going. If this hit me like what I have been told to expect from an Indica, I should be relaxed, mellow, maybe couch locked. If so, no big deal. Turns out, and here comes the unexpected... I half fill my Pax oven with maybe a quarter gram of finger-crunched buds out of the bottle. I put my bent pipe screen in to make the load tight. I fire it up, get the green light and take 4 good, relaxed tokes and I start feeling it already. I take one more and turn it off and go into the real world for a test drive. I put on my nice over-ear headphones with the playlist I call "Euphoria" blasting. I then go for a 5 mile walk, half of which I jog for the first time in 10 years. I'm barely out of breath. I get back and wash all the exterior windows of my entire house. I then clean my garage including doing stuff I've been procrastinating for 3 years. So, to be clear, I took 5 tokes of this and four hours later, my whole goddamn honey-do list for a fuckin month was done and I was dancin half the time. I would imagine, if I did have a migraine this sure enough would have taken my mind off it. I get why the budtender at Oregrown in Bend had a twinkle in his eye. This strain feels very much like I remember the feeling when I was a young man. After one time around the block, I'd call Optimus Prime a real live, performance enhancing drug. I've now been writing reviews and facebook and shit for three more hours. Jesus!