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Avatar for ChitownBurbs

Cresco sourced 1/2 Nice buds, looks like it could be decent. Trimming was subpar. Leaves all over the place. The kind of thing you open it and immediately sigh because you know good nugs arent treated like this. Taste was average to below average. Smell is average, common. not really skunky. It didn't get me high like I was hoping. Others with low tolerance might like it for an every day smoke / blunt / joint stuff. For me the first time I smoked I kinda sorta got high but after that smoking it didnt really do anything more. Smoking a shit ton of it .... just makes my throat sore. It seemed I was chasing after that medicated feeling I was after but never going to get there. What was more disappointing was the jar had alien bubba sticker directly over bio jesus sticker. Not sure exactly how that happens. I wanna believe it being legal means less risk of shady stuff happening. At the end of the day the packaging prohibited seeing the product it was opaque white , making this uncertainty possible. Did cresco just reuse a large number of cans putting boveda in to re-hydrate it and try to sell old stock or was it something more nefarious. Its packaged such its really close to impossible to know. Lesson learned. The irony is this package came with a boveda to keep it at the proper RH. More premium stuff lacked this quality assurance device. This really makes me think this stuff might have been a I will say a patient with substantially lower tolerance got destroyed and enjoyed this stuff. It ultimately looked the part , but lacked the smell, the taste, and the potency to reach the 'id smoke it ' level of three. This nug tasted like regret. The only thing I saw it treating was an overfilled bank account.

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