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Alien Dutchess review

Avatar for WhoIsNumberTwo

I am using cannabis to help aid in recovery from a long term traumatic abuse. Since THC is considered the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, higher THC levels assist me in becoming self-aware and help me with my psychiatric goals. This plant has helped me more than any antipsychotic, anti anxiety, anti depressants, benzo, or SSRI. The mentioned drugs can (and do) work, but the side effects are atrocious. Cannabis's side effects are laughable in comparison. Anyways, I chose this flower from my local dispensary recently since it contained CBDA (under 2%). I am in love with strains like ACDC, White Harmony, and Cannatonic, but the THC levels are generally not enough for the psychoactive effect I am looking for. This flower was interesting as it had almost 28% THCA and still had room for CBDA! CBD keeps me calm and allows me to relax physically. When I cracked open the container, there was a subtle smell of what reminded me of as the powdered Wylers lemonade from my childhood. I personally like strains that have a pleasant smell, and this one was unique and pleasurable to my olfactory senses. I am not an expert on terpenoids, but this one smelled sweet and candy like. The taste reminded me of Tangerine Haze, but not as pronounced taste wise both in vape and in combustion. Overall, I liked that this flower had high THC content without gutting CBD, it has a great smell, and great taste.